Bathymetric investigations serve the purpose of extracting depth information over large areas using acoustic signals, which are reflected by the ocean floor. The measurements are based on runtime measurements for every measuring beam, which is converted into 3D depth coordinates with the help of information about the local sound velocity and the adjacent position.

The field of bathymetry is split into planar and linear recording of the ocean floor topography, whereby different sensor systems are used.


Multibeam Echosounder

Vermessungsbüro Weigt has various multi-beam systems in its in-house stock, which are used according to the measurement accuracies required and the distances between points.

Areas of application:

  1. Planar surveying of the lakebed, riverbed and ocean floor in lakes, rivers, ports and the open Baltic and North Seas
  2. Ideal measuring procedure for precisely determining volume changes in the underwater segment through recording the situation before and after an event. E.g.:
       - Determining excavator quantities
       - Determining the appearance of scours on underwater structures (monopiles in offshore wind farms, dolphins in waterways)
       - Detecting sediment shifting processes 
  3. Capturing the condition of underwater structures, e.g. quay walls, piers, piling walls...


Singlebeam Echosounder

Linear depth recording is made possible using single beam echo sounding. These systems are predominantly used for surveying rivers and monitoring coastal areas, and especially for recording longitudinal and transverse profiles.

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