Cone Penetration Testing (CPT)

Vermessungsbüro Weigt - Cone Penetration Testing CPT

ROSON's CPT (cone penetration testing) system used to determine penetration resistance can be deployed both in coastal areas and in water depths of up to 100 m. The compact probe unit can be put to flexible use and can be adapted to any potential application or task.

With the help of cone penetration testing, both the peak pressure and the skin friction in soil are measured on-site using a CPT-mounted sensor. The sensor supplies the measured values to the recording device on board the surveying vessel. By geologically addressing the drilling cores obtained in parallel from the vibro drills, the measurement results can be allocated to the in-situ soils.




ROSON 25/40 kN 2011

Footprint l x w x h 2.2 x 2.2 x 2.7m
Dimensions mainmast l x w x h 10,4 x 0,21 x 0,12m
Dimensions ballast plate 2,2 * 2,2 * 0,025m
Maximum hight 12,2m
Weight in air 3.500kg (excl. ballast plate)
Weight ballast plate 650kg
Number of operators (excl. winch and crane driver) 2
Maximum penetration depth 10m
Maximum water depth 100m
Penetration speed 2 cm/s
Dimensions deck unit 0,52 x 0,35 x 0,69 m

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