GIS - Geographical Information Systems

Geographical information systems allow you to systematically order and manage your digital geometry and factual data, as well as conduct a multitude of space-related analyses.

For the land and sea segments, we design and operate geographical information systems on a local and national scale. In so doing, we not only use approved and compatible GIS-based systems; we also utilise open-source software as well as our own developments and adaptations.

 We perform the following work for you:

  • Designing new concepts for or continuing with existing GIS projects and geo databases
  • Researching, procuring and converting data in various formats and coordinate systems
  • Developing specially adapted user interfaces
  • Solving complex space-related issues
  • Presenting the analysed results in a meaningful manner:                                               -> Maps, map collections, offline or online GIS systems
  • Providing maps and data in our internal or third-party data servers and web portals
  • Our team has extensive experience in:
  • Creating, validating and maintaining extensive DGM complexes
  • Further processing to create classifications, mass and volume calculations, profiles and isolines

Together with our clients, we have been able to successfully use our knowledge to procure, view, attribute and convert information, with the aim of using it for specialised planning and optimisation processes, in long-standing collaboration.

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