Surveying work

Surveying work forms the core field of applied geodesy and is a necessary and key task in connection with implementing a construction project – be it in civil engineering or in structural engineering, on land or on sea.


Indeed, surveying describes a variety of measuring methods and draws upon a wide range of measuring sensors. Satellite and laser technologies in particular offer a multitude of potential applications within the field of surveying given that systems are constantly being updated and improved.

Whilst setting up offshore foundations for wind turbines (among other things), we have made surveying on constructor platforms and work vessels one of the key focal points of our work. We develop tailor-made measurement concepts and equip platforms and vessels with the sensors required.

The focal points of our work at a glance:

Surveying work:

  • Manufacturing local primary networks (location and altitude references / 3D)
  • Defining and transferring target geometries in the field
  • Surveying whilst performing construction work during the implementation phase
  • Performing observation and monitoring tasks
  • Conducting deformation measurements and analyses
  • Performing terrestrial 3D laser scanning
  • Undertaking fine levelling
  • Surveying in mechanical and plant engineering / steel construction

Offshore and Onshore construction of wind energy plants:

  • Surveying of foundation structures whilst performing construction work
  • Drawing up "as built" documentation of foundation structures / quality checks
  • Positioning vessels


Do you have a construction project and are looking for a competent contact to accompany you from a surveying standpoint? We'll be happy to advise you.


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