Reflection seismics

Seismic measurements allow us to take a "look" underground. They serve to:
  • Explore the foundation soil,
  • Assess the deposits,
  • Map sediment deposits,
  • Locate pipelines, sag pipe and submarine cables,
  • As well as stones / boulders, etc.

Different systems are used depending on the problem. Our spectrum ranges from high-resolution sub-bottom profilers for low penetration depths in soft sediments, to low-frequency sparker systems for measuring depths well in excess of 100 m, thereby covering all issues.

In most cases, so-called boomer systems or low-frequency sub-bottom profilers are used in connection with offshore wind projects and submarine cable lines. Data is analysed by interpreting reflection structures using our vibrocorer. This process is often undertaken – and reasonably so – together with purposefully drilled holes.

Our company has the following systems in stock:

  • Innomar SES 2000 compact
  • EdgeTech 512i
  • AAE-Boomer
  • Geopulse Boomer
  • UWAK Boomer
  • AAE Sparker


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