ROV and Video investigations

ROVs, remotely operated vehicles, open up completely new areas of application and possibilities in hydrography.

Areas of application at a glance:

  • Visually inspecting underwater structures and vessels
  • Capturing extensive, detailed images of underwater structures using an optional 3D scanning sonar
  • Cleaning structures
  • Removing marine vegetation
  • Taking scour measurements.


Vermessungsbüro Weigt is extremely well-equipped for applications such as these with the Roving BAT from eca Robotics – a hybrid, free-moving ROV and crawler. The system is equipped with two cameras, a 360° colour camera and a SW wide-angle camera, which allow us to conduct extensive, visual investigations of underwater structures and ship hulls.

The ROV can also be expanded with the BV5000 scanning system from Teledyne, so structures or objects therefore produce high-resolution 3D images. Another area of application with this system combination is scour measurement – on, between and within complex underwater structures. This is a fantastic supplement to conventional scour measurements taken via multi-beam. The system can be positioned using the USBL procedure to ensure that the ROV achieves the best possible positional accuracy.


Video investigations

In addition to the ROV-based camera investigations, Vermessungsbüro Weigt has several towed cameras for visual investigations of entire areas or sections.

Technical equipment:

  • camera system Imenco SDS1210/ Tiger Shark
  • Mariscope towed camera

The sequences recorded serve the purpose of verifying how to interpret the results of the ocean floor structures using side scan sonar.



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