Vessel's positioning

As soon as ships are deployed as part of construction measures, subsoil exploration or explosive ordnance searches, considerably more is demanded of positioning accuracies when compared with general seafaring operations.VBW uses modern technologies to position vessels with centimetre precision,   so the location of the project area and the distance from the coast make no difference.In addition to the global position, further information about the vessel's location is determined in real time and displayed both graphically and numerically.Each point of the vessel is precisely defined with coordinates at all times.Thanks to special positioning software, the navigation persons are always informed of their vessel's current geographical location in real time.


The complexity of the positioning system varies depending on the requirements and the vessel type.Precise coordination in line with project specifications is thus necessary at all times. Not least for safety reasons, it is often necessary to precisely position several vessels absolutely and relatively to one another at the same time.A graphic display, combined with numerical directions and distances, supports any manoeuvres that need to be made in extremely tight spaces.


As part of our projects, we always use tried-and-tested sensors and systems that have proven their worth within numerous measures undertaken in tough offshore operations and that you can rely on when it really counts!

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