Vibro Coring

Vibro coring examinations serve the purpose of extracting sediment cores as part of basic geological research, investigating marine gravel and lining cables.

The system is very well suited to extracting sediment cores in sandy soft sediments, but it is also possible to sample clay / silt or peat sediments, or those containing thin layers of marl, with good results. The sample is between 3 and 6 m long.

The VKG is an electrically operated soil sampling system which, when used at around 30 Hz in

  • Fine, medium and coarse sands,
  • Peat and
  • Sand containing silt / clay or gravelly components, delivers excellent core samples measuring up to 6 m long and 102 cm in diameter.

The device can be configured for 3 m (VKG-3) and 6 m (VKG-6) samples, and is characterised in particular by its simple yet robust design and the associated uncomplicated handling. It can be manually operated by 2 people with ease.

Thanks to its constant and high penetration speed, up to 20 high-quality soil samples can be generated per day – with a good core tube filling level. The load is variable, allowing the specified soil conditions to be adapted in an optimum manner. The low overall weight (max. 1,000 kg at maximum load) and a maximum height of 7.4 m enable the use of smaller vessels too.

Technical equipment:

  • VKG-3
  • VKG-6


Description VKG-6 VKG-3
System height 7500 mm 4700 mm
Footprint (diameter) 4600 mm 2700 mm
Weight (small counter weights) 750 kg
Weight (big counter weights) 1000 kg
Inner core diameter (Foil/Liner) 102/96 mm (liner)
Outer core diameter 108 mm
Maximum core length 6000 mm 3000 mm
Diameter supporting cable 12 mm
Supply voltage (3-phase AC) 400 V, 4 kVA
Frequency 50 Hz
Power E-Motor 4 kW
Vibrating force 30 kN
Frequency vibrator 28 Hz
Maximum water depth 200 m
Corrosion protection hot-dipped/corrosion-resistant steel
Transport dismantled

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